Branch of Lyon

Created by a collection of volunteers, with help from regional partners and projects, the first guide from Watizat Lyon was made in October 2020. The guide has been made every month since in French and English. It is available in PDF format on our website and is largely circulated in print by our partners and our local Watizat guidance offices.

Our missions:

An updated monthly guide:

  • Each month, we contact all references in the guide for updated hours, addresses, and service changes. We are also updating all the information for the legal processes and rights that are constantly in flux.
  • Distributing the guide to refugees and our partners: Each month, we guarantee the circulation of the Watizat guide to potential recipients. We have several local guidance offices and have a presence in collective groups like soup kitchens, squats, offices in other associations, and other places. We also collaborate with associations like the Salvation Army, Camions du coeur (meal charity program/delivery), Bagage’rue (lockable luggage and bags charity), Au Tambour (safe space org.), and others.

Supervisor: Emma Fabregue
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