The activist association Watizat provides access to information for refugees in France. We see information as a vital resource that can make real differences in peoples’ lives, especially for those who are in precarious or vulnerable situations. Relaying accurate information can educate people about their legal rights and give them a better understanding of services and organizations available to them in the region.

Watizat contributes to the access of information along several axis of intervention:

Providing support through digital and printed information (informative guide for refugees, specific flyers, videos, audio guides, etc.) that is transmitted to refugees to facilitate a link between them and local entities providing them resources.

Circulation of information on the ground through our guidance offices, information walks, and local partners.

Action in solidarity by advocating with other local entities for a dignified reception policy and the respectful recognition of fundamental rights.

Free monthly trainings that allows Watizat volunteers, and those of other associations, to better understand the guide and know how to give accurate information to help refugees they meet.

Our teams presently work in Paris, Lyon, and Toulouse (to know more on the activities of our branches, click here!)