The WATIZAT association advocates access to information for people living in exile in France. We realise that information is a vital resource that can have a major impact on people’s lives, especially when they are foreign nationals living in precarious conditions. The transmission of correct and translated information can facilitate people’s access to their rights and give them a better understanding of the services and players present in the area.

Watizat contributes to access to information in a number of ways:

Information support

Creation of paper and digital information resources for exiles (information guide for exiles, specific flyers, videos, audio, etc.) to facilitate contact between exiles and local resources.


Disseminating information on the ground at information centres and outreach teams, in conjunction with local partners.


Lobbying alongside other players in the field for a dignified reception policy that respects fundamental rights.


Free monthly courses to give Watizat volunteers and volunteers from small associations and groups working with exiles a better understanding of the guide and how to distribute it to inform and guide the people they meet.

Our branches

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