Branch of Toulouse

Created in 2022, the Toulouse Branch campaigns unconditionally for the giving of information to refugees. The creation of the Watizat Toulouse branch was rapidly accomplished with the help of many associations and activists based in Toulouse. The guide is edited and printed every two months, and is available in French, and soon in English too.

To contact the team or command our guides:

Our Team:

The team is composed of a dozen volunteers and continues to grow due to the demand of reliable and accurate information in the face of ever evolving laws, local apparatuses, and non-profit organizations. We have made the unique choice to function solely as a volunteer branch. We deliberate and divide up the tasks and responsibilities equally and proudly share in the administration of the association.

Our missions:

  • Being up to date and updating the guide: every two months, we contact all the references in the guide and update the hours, addresses, and changes in service. The guide is also always improving – in terms of content and design – from its previous version.
  • Printing the guide: every two months, the guides are printed, folded, and stapled thanks to our generous printers and volunteers.
  • Distributing the guide to refugees and organizations who order it: as a team, each month we organize and distribute the guides at different meetings and places, like soup kitchens, in front of the PASS (health center), and at l’Espace social du Grand Ramier (public showers and laundromats). During these distributions, we inform and help guide people. The guide is also ordered in print by our partner associations that use it daily in helping refugees.
  • Translating: the English version is in development thanks to the work of volunteers who are making it the best version possible with their drive to make information accessible.