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Thanks to our supportive printer: 

2€ = 1 guide (64 pages couleur) = 1 personne informée

Every donation on your behalf allows small organizations who do not have the funds to print guides to still hand them out during their street visits, legal watch or food distributions.

Monthly donations allow us to perpetuate our actions and to insure that people who live in exile can access information on a daily basis.


Join us

We are always looking to welcome new volunteers that can help us improve and update the guide. Depending on your interests and skills, we offer a range of possibilities to work with WATIZAT ! Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it further :

You can find Watizat’s missions here:

or contact us here:

Watizat is recruiting 

We are currently looking for a volunteer to help us with the association's communication::

social network management,
event communication for events in which Watizat is participating or hosting,
implementation of effective fundraising appeals.



To ensure the quality of the guide and its accessibility to a greater number of people, we are looking for volunteers to ensure the translation and/or the proof-reading in French, English, Arabic and Pashto.

We are also looking for volunteers to coordinate the proof-readings and translations for each language, as well as working on new versions of the guide in Dari and Somali.

This work does not require you to be in Paris.

Estimated time: from 5 hours per month to 5 hours per week.

Informational street visits

We are looking for motivated people to regularly distribute the guide in the field during food distributions and camp/street visits, in the morning, at night or on the weekend!

You will first be trained to use the guide and to distribute it before joining other volunteers in the field.

Estimated time: 2 hours per week minimum


Information Watch


IIlustration by Emily on April 18th, 2019