COMPLETE - The guide includes both precise legal information on the asylum procedure and useful daily life advice and addresses (legal hotlines, food distribution, access to healthcare, showers, day care, French lessons, etc.). It aims to bring people in exile together with the organisations able to help them.

The guide is updated monthly to provide the most accurate information possible in a context where organisations and laws related to asylum are constantly evolving.
The month of publication is written on the cover of the guide.
The cover color changes every month to quickly identify obsolete guides still circulating.

MULTILINGUAL - The guide is currently available in French, English, Arabic and Pashto in order to allow as many people as possible to have effective access to this information, even if they do not speak French.

The different parts of the guide have been designed with people in exile in order to best meet their needs.

Printed format 

Each month, we distribute an average of 1,000 copies of the printed guide, either in camps in northern Paris as part of the street visits, or via food or clothing distributions.


Digital format

People in exile can download the guide very quickly if they have a smartphone. 



La maquette a été pensée dans l’objectif de correspondre à un public hétérogène en termes de lecture et de niveau d’éducation. La partie “adresses utiles” est accessible à tous, tandis que la partie “procédures” permet d’aller plus loin.

A different colour for each part of the guide
Symbols to indicate adresses, metro lines and telephone numbers
Pictograms to illustrate the different topics